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In 2021, 'NU BY Jordan Storey' was established, which is a company designed to create a fully immersive body transition experience for each individual. NU by JS prides itself on giving the best support whilst educating and achieving client goals along the way. NU by JS creates nutritional, mental and body composition transformations for life while helping clients build sustainable habits for their future. By participating in our NU programs you will experience a healthier lifestyle, greater relationship with food, improved sleeping patterns, body transformations, positive mental health plus much more.

One to one with The Transformation Doctor

Working one on one with 'The Transformation Doctor', Jordan will build you a personal plan to suit your needs and hit goals set together. With his knowledge in human behavioural patterns towards food and the link with mental well-being, Jordan will make sure your experience is second to none. Whether you want weight loss, weight/muscle gain, better body composition, are an athlete or you have a desire to build a better relationship with food, Jordan can help.

£250 a month for personal transformations with Jordan.

NU 6 weeks

The NU 6 Transformation Program is designed to kick start your body transformation journey in order to take control of how food fits into your NU life as well as maintain it as a NU habit moving forward.

Pre-Order page book description

NU Plan is a simple and effective way to build healthier lifestyle habits, improve sleeping patterns and create transformations for life.

In this highly influential book, Jordan Storey’s NU approach combines sensible fitness and nutrition advice with a fun approach to adding love back into your food.

Brimming with sound advice, an easy NU plan to follow, and 60 delicious, nutritious recipes that will set you on the path to looking and feeling incredible.

NU Plan - Changing your life for the better one day at a time.

‘Jordan’s approach makes absolute sense.’

‘Jordan has transformed my life for the better. I can’t thank him enough.’

‘I have more energy and feel healthier and happier than I have in years.’

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